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PGL Liddington 2019

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PGL – Day 4!




The children were pleased to hear they had a bit of a lie in this morning with an extra 15 minutes in bed! We kicked off the day with another amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, porridge, cereal and fruit.

Our morning activities consisted of Trapeze and Survivor. The children were incredibly brave and climbed the pole to the trapeze like Spiderman! There was a brilliant sense of team work and motivation this morning as children were encouraging and cheering each other on! A lovely sight to see (and hear)! During the Survivor activity we learnt some key survival skills and made a shelter in the forest. Mrs Thompson has never heard of curtains and a carpet in a shelter but witnessed these in some of the dens today! We then had a go at lighting a fire using flint and steel – brilliant patience shown as they persevered to light the cotton wool!

There was a feast at lunch with a selection of wraps or tacos with a choice of filling and tortilla chips. These certainly went down a treat after a busy morning of activities!

This afternoon was fantastic! We started the afternoon off on the Giant Swing. The children were brilliant at working together to pull the rope that pulled the swing higher into the air. Lots of screaming as the children pulled the cord and it sent them full swing through the air. It was a blast! We then moved onto raft building. Kirsty – our PGL instructor – taught us two new knots to help us build a raft to go onto the lake. The lake was full of laughter as children capsized (or jumped) into the lake at the end and got completely soaked!

Tea tonight was a choice of meatballs, lentil pie or pasta bolognese with a pudding of apple pie, flapjack or cake. We then sat together and shared our nominations. There were lots of heart-felt nominations this evening celebrating friendships, showing kindness to others, persevering and taking on a challenge. This week the children have tried their hardest, set goals and completely smashed them and it has been a pleasure to be a part of.

There will be lots of tired children ready for you at 3:15 tomorrow but I am sure they will be full of stories about their adventures here at PGL!



Day Three - PGL




We have had another action-packed day at PGL! Our morning started at 7:30 and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of sausages, hash browns, cereal, porridge and fruit. We then sat together and reflected on our time so far and shared our nominations: well done to Manya, Ruby and Megan for being awarded our first!

A brilliant morning of climbing for us today! We started the day with abseiling (every child had a go and completely aced it)! Then moved over to the Vertical Challenge Wall. We had to climb a ladder, followed by 4 tyres, a short rock climbing wall and finally a rope ladder to reach the top. It was incredibly difficult but fantastic team spirit was shown to encourage and motivate our peers (including cheering on Miss Read as she was hanging from a tyre).

Lunch today was a choice of fish fingers, vegetarian sausage rolls, salad and soup. Once again we filled our boots ready for an afternoon of adventure! We had a blast this afternoon during our Jacob’s Ladder activity. The children had to work in groups to climb a huge ladder which had rungs that were further apart the higher up they went. Brilliant Emerald, Amethyst and Sapphire Power was shown by everyone involved. We are very proud of our Ridgeway Family.

Our second afternoon activity was Canoeing! We looked like we had been canoeing all our lives as we chased after little pink ducks on the lake.

Dinner this evening was a choice of chow mein, spinach and ricotta cannelloni or chicken tikka curry. There were lots of happy faces when collecting bowls of apple crumble and custard (especially Mrs Thompson who enjoyed a piece). We then headed over to a large campfire, listened to a story and sang some songs! The night ended with some homemade s’mores on the campfire.

Number of children with no voice due to screaming: 4

Number of children giving the activities a go and putting in 100%: 19





PGL – Day Two!

Well, there are a lot of worn out children (and staff) after our first full day of activities! We started the day at 7:30 for breakfast – Miss Read took great pleasure in waking us up at 6:45!

After a breakfast of bacon, vegetable sausages, mushrooms, cereal or porridge, we headed out to complete the Zip Wire and Challenge Course activities. We were very proud of our children for going to the top of the tower and giving the Zip Wire a go; although there are some lost voices due to the screaming! During our Challenge Course activity we went through a course with a variety of different activities – from climbing through tyres to monkey bars!

For lunch there was a huge variety to choose from: pizza, jacket potatoes, salad, fruit and soup. We are filling our boots here! We then popped to the shop and children started to spend some of their pocket money.

This afternoon’s activities were Fencing and Crate Challenge. We felt like true fencing professionals this afternoon with the full uniform and equipment – the masks gave us some brilliant helmet hair! The children picked this up quickly; watch out for the next fencing champions! Crate Challenge was an absolute blast! Having to work as a team, children had to build a tower of crates while three children were climbing them! We had children pulling on their ropes and helping to lower them down. Miss Read and Mrs Thompson have never heard of so many wedgies until this activity!

Lasagne, chicken nuggets and vegetable kiev were on the menu for tea tonight. We stocked up on food ready for our evening entertainment of … AMBUSH! The children dressed in their darkest clothes and hid from the other group. It certainly put our quietness to the test!

Lights are out and we are in bed ready for another day filled with some exciting activities tomorrow.



PGL – Day One


What a brilliant start to our residential we have had! After waving you off at Ridgeway Farm, we spent some time with our new PGL group leader (her name is Ellie). We have created our own chant and Ellie was really impressed with our organisational role call!

Dinner tonight was delicious! We had the choice of Steak and Mushroom Pie or Lentil Curry. Miss Read and Mrs Thompson were impressed with the amount of veg that we had put on our plates! We are enjoying the choice from the salad bar and had a jam doughnut to finish!