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Peach Tree Class - Year 2

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We will update this page reguarly with news from our class and our learning and can't wait to share it with you.

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What a brilliant and exciting start to term we have had! Peach Tree Class have settled so quickly and already are completing some excellent learning. We are really enjoying all being together again and playtimes are definitely very happy ones. The children have worked so hard on our project, 'It Starts With a Seed'. They have learnt part of a poem, explored a text that describes seeds, called 'A Seed is Sleepy', and written phrases that contain adjectives to describe seeds. One of our favourite activities this term so far has been our special seed writing. We opened special seeds that contained a phrase from our book, we then used seed paper, which is paper made of seeds, we thought about what characteristic our seed would have and then wrote them on the paper. We had some lovely descriptions such as, 'A seed is beautiful', 'A seed is loving' and 'A seed is faithful'. We then planted our seed paper and every day have been taking good care of them. We are really excited that some of the seeds are beginning to grow. We've also had so much fun tasting seeds, recognising numbers in words and using place value.

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